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Leadership Framework Training

The Leadership Board Game:  An interactive, team based educational tool providing particpants with an opportunity to perfect their leadership knowledge and behaviour.
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'The Leadership Framework' - Seven Steps to Being an Effective Leader

In celebration of over 35 years serving the West Midlands Open College Network have partnered with The Governance Forum to create an exciting and unique Leadership Framework Board Game as part of an innovative new approach to leadership and development training.

Created exclusively for Open College Network by the award-winning author, international consultant and inspirational public speaker Dr Karl George MBE from The Governance Forum, you will learn the skills and competencies required to change behaviour and develop your talent pipeline to the next level.

The 7 steps to effective leadership is reshaping how leadership and management training can be delivered and is ideal for:
  • Experienced managers
  • New managers
  • Aspiring managers
  • Those with a passion for developing their management & leadership teams.
For Training Providers already offering leadership training/qualifications why not look to incorporate this unique training package experience as part of your own course delivery, as part of a bespoke income share arrangement or hire fee for you to be able to deliver the Leadership Board Game directly to your learners.  Contact our Director of Business Development, Lee Moore, directly to discuss this option. (Tel. 01902 624230).
Take a look at our short YouTube video about The Leadership Framework shown on the left hand side downloads section of this page. 
Leadership Framework Training for Organisations
We can deliver this facilitator lead training package at your premises exclusive for your management teams or we can host your team training using the training facilities at our premises in Wolverhampton. 
This organisational training package offer requires a minimum of 8 people and can be up to a maximum of 20 people.
Please speak to our business Development team to discuss a suitable date and time.
  • Priced at £1,750 Total Cost package
Reasons to do this training:
  • This course provides the skills and competencies required to change behaviour and develop your talent pipeline to the next level using our innovative, interactive approach.
  • Developed using over 20 years of research with international consultant and thought leader Dr Karl George, MBE.
  • Features The Leadership Board Game - 'An interactive, team based educational tool providing participants the ability to perfect their leadership knowledge and management behaviour.'
  • Fantastic resource pack included (21 page 'The Leadership Framework - 7 steps to becoming an effective leader' glossy A4 booklet).
  • Great value and you'll get so much out of it for only half a days commitment.
We launched this new product at the Hotel du Vin, Birmingham earlier in the year and to see our event launch write up and video about The Leadership Framework click here.

For more information call 01902 624 230 or email
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