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Skills for Living and Work

These qualifications are designed to support learners to develop and improve their life and work skills, including returning to study, and/or gaining or returning to paid employment.

About this subject area

These qualifications now contain a smaller, different set of Endorsed pathways, more suited to the needs of learners in supported residential and foundation learning environments.

With Endorsed pathways at all levels and in all sizes, centres have the flexibility to provide generic or specific pathways to meet the needs of learners from Entry Level 1 to Level 2.

As with the Employability and Development Skills, learners may effectively “bank” units and gain Award, Certificate and Diploma using all unit achievements across multi-year programmes.

Learners may achieve different pathways at the same level and size, or different size, or they may choose to follow one pathway to Diploma size.

Learners may also combine credits achieved in both pathway and generic qualifications and transfer these across to the larger Diploma qualification.

Where appropriate, learners who achieve the appropriate number of relevant credits may achieve more than one Endorsed Pathway – centres should be aware that you will only be able to claim ESFA funding for only one Learning Aim and will need to pay 2 Certificate registrations. Please discuss this with your Business Development Manager.

Where centres deliver these qualifications to mixed ability groups, they will need to choose the level but not the size of the qualification at the time of registration. It is possible to register learners in the same cohort on different level qualifications and we have worked hard to make sure that units are available across all levels from Entry 1 to Level 2.

Our Skills for Living and Work qualifications also form part of our Supported and Foundation Learning Programmes.


Follow the links below for more information about each qualification.

Qualification Approval

In order to deliver this qualification, centres must meet the requirements to deliver the qualification (which can be found in the Qualification Specification) and complete the Qualification Approval Application Form (QAF).

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