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Quality Endorsement from a National Awarding Organisation

Quality Endorsement Licence Plus (QEL+)

What is it?
The Open College Network West Midlands Quality Endorsement Licence Plus (QEL+) is our highly valued ‘quality mark’ of trust that provides external endorsement to organisations that offer their own audit/accreditation services within a particular area of specialism or sector.
Open College Network West Midlands have over 30 years’ experience in delivering flexible education, training and learning opportunities across a broad spectrum of organisations and sector areas. Therefore we know which policies, procedures and practices are expected from an organisation that cares about delivering an outstanding service to its customers.
Benefits to your organisation
  • Dual badged Certificates of achievement for audited organisations
  • Added value to your audit / accreditation programme through being Quality Endorsed by Open College Network West Midlands a nationally
    recognised Awarding Organisation
  • Flexibility to design and deliver bespoke audit/accreditation services.
  • Your policies and procedures will be reviewed and refined so that they are robust, which will save you time, money and resources in the future.
How does it work?
QEL+ is available to organisations that want;
  • External recognition for their particular audit / accreditation scheme
  • To transfer an existing external endorsement scheme from another provider
Open College Network West Midlands will review your organisation against the requirements of the Standards within the QEL+, which comprises the following elements:
Standard 1 – Leadership and Management
Standard 2 – Quality of Resources
Standard 3 – Quality Assurance
Standard 4 – Organisation Support
Standard 5 – Legislation
Standard 6 – Quality Assessment/Audit
QEL+ providers will need to:
  • Operate with specific quality guidelines
  • Maintain high standards of delivery
  • Continue to improve and monitor their offer and delivery
  • Work in partnership with Open College Network West Midlands
Through this scheme, we support organisations by recognising good practice of organisational and industry audit/accreditation services being provided. Our QEL+ provides an excellent standard to ensure you have robust policies and quality systems in place to give your customers added confidence in the quality of service you provide.
What does it cost?
Open College Network West Midlands provides a simple and transparent pricing model that provides flexibility for all types and sizes of organisations, irrespective of the number of courses offered or the number of learners training is delivered to. With our straightforward approach to pricing, organisations have flexibility to respond to local, national and customer needs.
The QEL+ consists of an Annual Licence Fee and a charge for each certificate required. Contact a member of our Business Development Team to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a quotation.
Further Information?
For a full copy of the Standard, Guidance and Approval Form or for more information, please contact our Business Development Team on  01902 624 239 or e-mail your interest/enquiry to
Make an enquiry

Make an enquiry

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