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Leadership and Management

Leadership & Management

Through an exclusive partnership with Ultimate Learning Resources we have developed a qualification and workbook package to help ensure learners achieve the following qualifications.

High quality and personalised e-workbooks will be provided for all learner registrations on these qualifications. To view the quality of these new workbookks two sample demonstration files are included in the downloads section of this page.

Key Benefits:

  • We have fully mapped the workbooks to each qualification
  • All the learning outcomes and assessment criteria required for each qualification are embedded in each workbook
  • Successful completion of the workbook to the required standard will fully prepare the learner for the qualification assessment
  • Course delivery for tutors easily facilitated via working through each workbook whilst allowing individual learner responses

So, what’s included:

Level 2 Workbooks comprising:

·         Setting Team Objectives in the Workplace

·         Understanding Change in the Workplace

·         Leading Your Team

·         Improving the Performance of the Work Team

·         Planning and Monitoring Work


 Level 3 Workbooks comprising:

·         Understanding Leadership

·         Performance Management

·         Solving Problems and Making Decisions

·         Developing Self and Others

·         Motivation and Performance Management

·         Innovation and Change in an Organisation

·         How to Run Effective Meetings

Note: Learners can also achieve the qualification by other means and by supplementary methods if required.

Qualification and Workbook Package Costs *

Leadership & Management Qualification
Fee per Learner
Level 2 Award
£ 36.00
Level 2 Certificate
£ 90.00
Level 3 Award
£ 46.50
Level 3 Certificate
£ 90.00






* Centres can choose to design their own assessment methods and opt out of using the workbooks provided in this package deal and register for the qualification only if this is preferred at our standard qualification fee charges.

Tutor Support Packs

We also offer Tutor Support Packs that are available to purchase if required. Once purchased these can be re-used, the costs are as follows:

  • Level 2 (5 Units) - £15 per Unit or £60 for the complete set.
  • Level 3 (7 Units) - £15 per unit or £80 for the complete set.
  • Discounted Price: For a £30 saving, if both complete sets are bought at the same, the cost is discounted to £110.
Note: The above prices for the Tutor Support Packs are for Centres that have purchased the qualification/workbook package at the point of registration. If Centres wish to use their own workbooks but would like the Tutor Support Packs, the cost is £50 per unit at either Level.
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Make an enquiry

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