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Open College Network West Midlands Centres: Lifetime learning for all


Navigating a clear pathway through the complex world of funding information can be challenging, but Open College Network West Midlands can support you in quickly finding the information you need. The diagram below represents the current funding streams available in England for 19+ public funding, and how they map across to our extensive qualifications offer. In addition to this we provide useful information below to guide you with a range of links which take you straight to the information you may require. 
How can I find out if an Open College Network qualification is eligible for funding?
The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) provide funding for different qualifications in England; details of which can be found here: To search for our funded qualifications on the Hub type OPENCOLLNETWESTMID in the box "Awarding Org Code or Name."
Adult Education Budget (AEB) Devolution
In 2015-16 the government agreed a series of devolution deals between central government and local areas, also known as Mayoral Combined Authorities (MCA's) in England.
As part of the devolution deals certain adult education functions are to be transferred from the Secretary of State for Education to the MCA's.  This means that the MCAs will take on responsibility for the AEB, so the approach to this budget will now be based on each particular region's education and training needs for learners aged 19 and above.
From 2019-20 the AEB will be develoved to the following 6 MCAs and through a delegation agreement to the Mayor of London for the Greater London Authority (GLA):
  • Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
  • Greater Manchester
  • Liverpool City Region
  • Tees Valley
  • West Midlands
  • West of England

More information on devolution can be found on the government website.


Funding Details for 2018-19

Good News - Virtually all of our qualifications attract funding. The funding sections below provide guidance on the various funding streams that relate to our qualifications.

<16 school-Section 96+SEND

16-19 Study Programme

19+ including 19-23 entitlement funding and 19+ local flexibility funding

Advanced Learner Loans

Adult Education Budget (AEB) / English and maths Entitlement Funding

ESF Funding

We are also here to support our Centres in preparing for the regional devolution of the Adult Education Budget for 2019-20
  • Also see our Short Qualification Offer for ways in which we can offer flexible solutions for Centres looking to utilise their ESFA and AEB funding budgets 
Monthly Key Note: 
Open College Network West Midlands offer a broad range of qualifications, which have been approved by the Education and Skills Funding Agency for Advanced Learner Loans. In order to advise your learners who wish to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan to complete a chosen qualification (Level 3 and above), please direct them to this link. To get ahead in planning for your delivery of adult education in 2019 to 2020 please see the draft guide of the ESFA funded adult education budget (AEB) rules for 2019 to 2020. Access the draft guide information here.
World Youth Skills Day 15th July. UN International Awareness Day.
This is an annual day aimed at encouraging the development of youth skills to combat the challenges of unemployment and prepare young people for the transition into employment or further education, so they can make informed life choices. By developing skills through education this increases the opportunities for young people and the wider community. This in turn links to WorldSkills UK, which is a national competition set up as a partnership between businesses, education and governments to accelerate young people's careers, giving them the best start in work and life. As a centre you may be able to enter the WorldSkills Competitions which will take place in the UK on the 21-23 November 2019.
Open College Network West Midlands offer a wide range of qualifications to develop the skills and knowledge in young people to enable them to advance in life, education and work. These sit within various Subject Sector Areas:

Plus see a full list of all our qualifications here.

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