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Welcome to our Funding Page for 2018 to 2019:
Navigating a clear pathway through the complex world of funding information can be challenging, but Open College Network West Midlands can support you in quickly finding the information you need. The diagram below represents the current funding streams available in England for 19+ public funding, and how they map across to our extensive qualifications offer. In addition to this we provide useful information below to guide you with a range of links which take you straight to the information you may require. 
The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) provide funding for different qualifications in England; details of which can be found here: search for our funded qualifications on the Hub type OPENCOLLNETWESTMID in the box "Awarding Org Code or Name."
Funding Details for 2018-2019

Good News - Virtually all of our current qualifications attract funding in 2018-2019. These funding sections below are for guidance and we will update them in line with funding updates. 

<16 school-Section 96+SEND

16-19 Study Programme

19+ including 19-23 entitlement funding and 19+ local flexibility funding

Advanced Learner Loans

Adult Education Budget (AEB) / English and maths Entitlement Funding

ESF Funding

We are also here to support our Centres in preparing for the regional devolution of the Adult Education Budget for 2019-20
  • Also see our Short Qualification Offer for ways in which we can offer flexible solutions for Centres looking to utlise their ESFA and AEB funding budgets 
Monthly Key Note: 
We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new ESOL Skills for Life Qualifications, this comprehensive suite includes qualifications from Entry 1-3 and we are currently developing Level 1 -2 qualifications.
These qualifications offer a range of benefits to centres and their learners, so please be one of the first to take advanatage of these qualifications. ESOL Skills for Life qualifications support speakers of other languages based within the UK, to develop the English language skills for work, further learning or everyday life. These standards are based on the National Standards for Adult Literacy.

Funding: The ESFA will fully fund ESOL Skills for Life Learning aims delivered in the classroom up to and including Level 2 for eligible learners aged 19 and over who are employed. Learners are currently classed as unemployed by the ESFA if:
  • They recieve Job Seekers Allowance
  • They receive Employment and Support Allowance
  • They receive universal credit, earn below an earning threshold and are identified by Job Centre Plus as belonging to certain groups: All Work-related Requirements, Work Preparation or the Work focused interview group.
All other classroom based adult ESOL Skills for Life learning is co-funded, with the ESFA paying half of the future costs. ESOL Skills for life is only eligible for funding under the Adult Education Budget.  Access these qualfications here and here
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