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ESOL Skills for Life Qualifications

ESOL Skills for Life Qualifications
We offer our ESOL Skills for Life Qualifications at five levels: these are at; Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3, Level 1 and Level 2 .  Click here to view the Qualification Guides.  Our qualifications cover the three modules:
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking and Listening
The modules (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening) are also available as stand alone qualifications.  They can be offered either seperately as Awards (single mode), or, upon achievement of all three modules, the Certificate (full mode).  This means that your learners can achieve one skill before moving on to the next; i.e. 'banking' their achievement to build up credit for the full qualification 'Certificate'.
Our Approach
We can offer total flexibility with the assessment approach and have developed both learner and tutor resources along with model assignments, so that everything you need to start delivering this provision through us has been done for you.  We actually offer 3 models of assessment for Centres to choose from:
  1. Set assignments that are marked internally and externally quality assured.  These have been written by us and can be used verbatim.
  2. Model assignments we provide that can be contextualised.  Again, these are marked internally and externally quality assured.
  3. Centre devised assignments that offer total flexibility if you want something totally bespoke.  These would need to be externally quality assured by us prior to use. 
Other key benefits from using our approach:
  • Assessment is on demand and centre marked.
  • Assessments can be downloaded from our Quartzweb system and delivered immediately to your leanrers whenever required.
  • We have designed a modular assessment structure so each unit can be assessed separately.
  • No need for re-sits as learners can take a different test at a time to suit them.
  • Using any of the three assessment approaches explained above, results are confirmed efficently via our EQA.

We also allow a flexible approach to your Teaching and Learning so that:

  • Teaching can be embedded into individual learning programmes or vocational areas.
  • Teaching can be delivered in isolation as stand-alone ESOL classes.
  • We don't specify any specific resource requirement thereby allowing total flexibility for Centres to use pre-published, adapted or self-authored teaching and learning materials.
If you are an existing Centre you will already be familiar with the excellent customer service and value for money we can provide as your local national Awarding Body based in the Midlands, providing you with a dedicated Business Development Manager, Quality Advisor and Business Support team to personally manage every aspect of your day to day dealings with us.
We are available to set up one-to-one dialogues with our existing Centres and potential new Centres that currently offer or are thinking about offering these ESOL qualifications, to work with you to develop centre assignments that can better meet the needs of your learner cohorts.
About the ESOL Qualifications

ESOL Skills for Life qualifications support speakers of other languages based within the UK to develop their English language skills for work, further learning or everyday life. They are intended for anyone based in the UK needing to improve their understanding and use of written or spoken English. This might be to help get on at work (or get a job), prepare for further study, access public services, or just to function more effectively in an English-speaking environment.
These qualifications are based on the National Standards for Adult Literacy, and anyone involved in teaching or assessing must be familiar with the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum.
The qualifications are made up of Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening units. Each unit will be assessed through the completion of assignment tasks provided by Open College Network West Midlands. The successful achievement of all the tasks for a unit provides confirmation that all learning outcomes and assessment criteria within the units of assessment have been achieved. Assessments will be internally marked by centre assessors and then internally verified to ensure consistency. These will then be externally verified by Open College Network West Midlands.
Aims of the ESOL Qualifications

To enable learners to:
1. Take a full part in the world of work.
2. Become independent of others, such as interpreters or translators.
3. Access service providers.
4. Travel, work and socialise beyond their local community.     

Please contact your Business Development Manager directly or call us on 01902 624230 for further information or to arrange a meeting / conversation about this. Follow this link for qualification details.
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