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Animal Hydrotherapy

The Small Animal Hydrotherapy qualifications have been developed with the support of the Animal Jobs Direct, to enable learners to develop the required knowledge to provide small animal hydrotherapy.

About this subject area

Learners will gain knowledge of the techniques involved in the provision of hydrotherapy and the assessment required before small animal hydrotherapy commences.

They will gain knowledge of medical conditions and their impact on hydrotherapy treatment. This qualification also develops learner’s knowledge around first aid, small animal behaviour and professional practice management. There is a focus on Practical Aquatic Treadmill Therapy and advanced techniques. Learners will be able to conduct gait analysis and review patient performance.

There are two small qualifications that will give learners a chance to gain basic knowledge and skills required to work in a specific area of hydrotherapy.

The minimum age for access to this qualification is 16 years.

Follow the links below for more information about each qualification.

Qualification Approval

In order to deliver this qualification, centres must meet the requirements to deliver the qualification (which can be found in the Qualification Specification) and complete the Qualification Approval Application Form (QAF).

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