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Open College Network West Midlands Centres: Lifetime learning for all

Information and Telecommunications

  • Open College Network West Midlands Level 5 Certificate in Advanced Wireless Networks Architectures - 603/3861/1
  • Open College Network West Midlands Level 5 Certificate in Wireless Network Fundamentals - 603/3863/5
  • Open College Network West Midlands Level 5 Certificate in Cellular Networks - 603/3862/3

These qualifications provide the underpinning knowledge and skills for those working with wireless and cellular networks.

They cover a range of wireless technologies such as microwave and satellite, and the architecture and protocols involved in wireless networking and basic ethernet implementation. The cellular network qualification in particular, covers the basics of cellular and radio technologies and techniques and looks at network generations from 2G to 5G, equipping learners with basic knowledge required to work in wireless communications and with wireless and network technologies.

The Wireless Network qualifications are designed for those already working in the wireless and telecoms sector who are looking to enhance their current skills or formalise existing knowledge and training.  These qualifications are among the first of their kind for the industry and have been developed in collaboration with our approved centre ubi-tech, who are a leading specialist training provider for this sector.

They will also more generally, allow for Learners who may progress to further study in the wireless and telecommunications industry or may progress directly into employment.

The minimum age for access to these qualifications is 18 years.

Follow the link below to the qualification guides where you will also find the units.



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