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Protective Behaviours Training

  • Open College Network West Midlands Level 1 Award in Protective Behaviours Training - 601/8556/9
  • Open College Network West Midlands Level 2 Award in Protective Behaviours Training - 601/8557/0

The Open College Network West Midlands Level 1 and Level 2 Awards in Protective Behaviours Training offer activities to promote the right of everyone to feel safe all the time. The aim of these qualifications is to introduce participants to the process of Protective Behaviours and to show how Protective Behaviours can be used to enhance working practice and life beyond the workplace. they will enhance a learner’s ability to look after themselves and others.

These qualifications have been designed to enable learners to:

  • Identify the two themes of Protective Behaviours;
  • Be familiar with the Seven Strategies of Protective Behaviours and how they enable  the implementation of Protective Behaviours core ideas into practice;
  • Explore the Protective Behaviours approach to problem solving;
  • Recognise the influence of unwritten rules on individual practice and workplace culture;
  • Understand the use of safe, empowering language for changing attitudes;
  • Consider ways of changing or challenging practice on a personal level, within the workplace and with service users.

Follow the link below to the qualification guides where you will also find the units.

Level 2 Qualification Guide
Appendix A - Level 1 Award in Protective Behaviours Training
Appendix A - Level 2 Award in Protective Behaviours Training
Approval to deliver a qualification form

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