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Our suite of Construction qualifications are currently being developed to cover the 56 National Occupational Standards. Please click the link below to go to the sub page for more information on the qualifications developed so far.
  1. Accessing Operations and Rigging
  2. Associated Industrial Services Occupations
  3. Built Environment Design and Consultancy Practice
  4. Building Maintenance Multi-Trade Repair and Refurbishment Operations
  5. Carving Occupations
  6. Chimney Engineering
  7. Cladding Occupations
  8. Construction Diving Operations
  9. Construction and Civil Engineering Operations
  10. Construction Plant or Machinery Maintenance
  11. Construction Senior Management
  12. Construction Site Management
  13. Construction Site Supervision
  14. Construction Using Off-Site Manufactured Assemblies
  15. Controlling Lifting Operations
  16. Decorative Finishing and Industrial Painting Occupations
  17. Demolition
  18. External Render
  19. Fitted Interiors
  20. Floorcovering Occupations
  21. Formwork Occupations
  22. Heritage Skills
  23. Insulation and Building Treatments
  24. Interior Systems
  25. Mastic Asphalt
  26. Metal Decking and Stud Welding Occupations
  27. Occupational Work Supervision
  28. Piling Operations
  29. Plant Installations
  30. Plant Operations
  31. Plastering
  32. Post-tensioning Operations
  33. Refractory Installations
  34. Removal of Hazardous and Non-hazardous Waste
  35. Roadbuilding and maintenance (Construction)
  36. Roofing Occupations
  37. Senior Crafts
  38. Site Logistic Operations
  39. Specialist Concrete Occupations
  40. Specialist Installation Occupations
  41. Steelfixing Occupations
  42. Stonemasonry
  43. Sub-structure Work Occupations
  44. Super-structure Work Occupations
  45. Supervising Hire and Rental Operations (Plant Equipment and Tools)
  46. Temporary Traffic Management
  47. Testing, Inspecting and Thorough Examination Occupations
  48. Thermal Insulation
  49. Trowel Occupations
  50. Tunnelling operations
  51. Wall and Floor Tiling
  52. Waterproof Membrane Roofing Systems
  53. Winter Services
  54. Wood Machining (Construction/Sawmilling Extrusion)
  55. Wood Occupations
  56. Wood Preserving – Industrial Pre-treatment
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