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Access to Higher Education Diploma (Psychology)

    • Level3
    • Credits60
    • NLH600
    • Cost£122.00
Ref: 400/1237/2

About this qualification

There are no formal entry requirements for students applying for the Open College Network West Midlands Access to H.E. Diplomas Centres adopting the Diploma are, nevertheless, required to ensure that learners admitted onto the Diploma possess the necessary skills and personal qualities to cope with the demands of the course.  The AVA expects centres to establish that candidates normally operate to at least Level Two in English and Level One in Mathematics before being accepted onto a course leading to the Diploma.  In addition, centres would be expected to provide advice and guidance about the demands of the course and to establish that applicants show appropriate levels of commitment and motivation.

Centres are encouraged to consider using a variety of assessment methods in order to prepare the learner for study at a higher level in their relevant subject area. These include essay writing, presentations, practical, academic displays, discussions, reflection, role play, research projects and field work.

Objectives of the qualification

The Access to HE Diploma is a full Level 3 qualification designed to prepare learners without traditional qualifications for entry into Higher Education (HE).  The Diploma provides opportunity for learners to acquire and develop knowledge and skills needed to progress to higher education study and also enables learners to develop social and emotional skills such as communication and confidence.

For further details download the Qualification Specification

Why choose this qualification?

Learners who complete and achieve the Access to HE Diploma could progress onto Higher Education courses including Bachelor Degrees, Foundation Degrees, Higher National Certificates and Diplomas (HNC/HND) and Higher Degree Apprenticeships.  The Access to HE Diploma could also support access into employment areas where evidence of study and achievement at level 3 is required. 

    • Level3
    • Credits60
    • NLH600
    • Cost£122.00
Rules of combination

To achieve the Access to HE Diploma (Psychology) learners must achieve:

  • 45 credits which must be graded, academic subject content at Level 3 only, 
  • 15 credits which must be either at Level 2 or Level 3 ungraded.
For further details download the Qualification Specification
The Units

Please download the Unit Listing for the full list of units available and to access the specifications. 

For full unit details download the Access to HE Unit Listing
Assessment Methods

Centres are encouraged to consider using a variety of assessment methods in order to prepare the learner for study at a higher level in their relevant subject area. These include essay writing, presentations, practical, academic displays, discussions, reflection, role play, research projects and field work.

Requirements to Deliver the Qualification


To offer this qualification, centres must ensure that tutors hold or are working towards:

  • Hold a qualification in the subject area and at the level above they are delivering.
  • Hold or be working towards a relevant teaching or assessor qualification. The AVA recommends PGCE, Level 5 Diploma in Teaching and Learning or DTTLS. Please note it must be the minority of the staff who are working towards this qualification and not the majority. 

Internal Quality Assurer (IQA):

Centres must also ensure that they have in place an Internal Quality Assurance person who:

  • Holds or is working towards a Level 4 Award in Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practices or its equivalent.
  • Has substantial experience of working in or assessing qualifications in the Access to HE Diploma qualifications.
  • Is familiar with the assessment requirements of the Access to HE Diploma.
Quality Assurance Requirements

Centres will be expected to apply their internal processes to the internal moderation of assessment briefs and assessed work. Each Centre will be allocated a Curriculum Area Moderator to each curriculum area delivered within the Diploma who will carry out moderation twice a year.  A Centre Reviewer will also be allocated to each Centre and will be responsible for the overview of management, resourcing, internal quality assurances and processes and polices.

Supporting funding needs

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) provide funding for different qualifications in England; details of which can be found here

To search for our funded qualifications on the Hub type OPENCOLLNETWESTMID in the box “Awarding Org Code or Name”. 

For further details and guidance on the various funding streams that relate to our qualifications, please go to our dedicated funding page

Qualification Specification

Learner requirements, rules of combination and assessment information


Access to HE Unit Listing

Full unit details for this qualification


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