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Customised Accreditation

Customised Accreditation

A bespoke offer to organisations who do not require a regulated qualification but do want to deliver training programmes to nationally recognised standards using a unit and credit based approach.

Open College Network West Midlands has many years’ experience in providing a bespoke support service to a wide range of organisations and employers, both large and small, in the private, public and third sectors ranging from SME’s, prisons, colleges to private training providers, voluntary organisations and national agencies.
Our tried and tested accreditation process ensures the courses and programmes that you accredit through us remain bespoke, flexible and crucially unique to your organisation being delivered in your own personal style.

Our Accreditation Services are focused on providing you with nationally recognised external recognition for the quality of your training programmes and the achievement of your learners. Through our accreditation your learners will receive awarding organisation certification for the courses and learning programmes completed.

We can work with you to accredit your existing training programmes or to develop new accredited courses that you require covering different industry sectors or curriculum areas.

What will our accreditation services do for you?

  • Quality Assurance

    Our specialist team will review and evaluate your training course and develop this into a formal accreditation framework at the appropriate level.

    This ensures that your course programme has measurable learning outcomes and associated assessment criteria, which have been benchmarked against national frameworks and meet national awarding organisation standards.

  • Add Value

    We will provide you with a dedicated and secure online portal to effectively manage all your learner registrations and achievements.

    Following successful completion of your accredited course, we will produce and issue your learners with an Open College Network West Midlands certificate of achievement, which demonstrates the new skills, knowledge and competencies they have gained.

    We will also dual logo your learners certificates to indicate our confidence in the training you’ve delivered whilst helping you to further promote and reinforce your own organisations’ brand.

  • Competitive Advantage

    By developing training programmes that are delivered to nationally recognised standards, our accreditation services can give you the edge to set you apart from your competitors and help raise your profile within the sector you operate.

    For employers, the delivery of a high quality accredited training programme will help improve employee motivation and productivity, which is such a key factor for business success.

    Also, through our highly responsive and flexible service we can help you to react quickly to the ever-changing needs of your industry.

  • What can be accredited?

    Virtually any learning experience, outside of the scope of regulated provision, can be accredited providing there are assessments in place to demonstrate that the learner has met the required level of the learning outcomes.

    We have a highly flexible approach to assessment methods and can provide dedicated support, resources and training to ensure your assessment approach is fit for purpose.

    Some examples of assessments which can be used include:

    • Portfolios of work and research
    • Role plays
    • Essays
    • Discussions
    • Practical work
    • Question papers
    • Classroom observations
    • Practical observations
  • A simple process

    Accrediting a course or particular programme of learning with Open College Network West Midlands is a simple and straightforward process.

    We allocate each organisation a dedicated Business Development Manager and Product Developer who will guide and support you at every stage.

    From initial discussions to scope out and understand your requirements - to ensuring units of assessment are written to the standards you require - to ensuring assessment delivery is suitable and robust, we have developed a highly supportive, cost effective and friendly process to make your accreditation journey affordable, rewarding and accessible.

Please contact our Business Support Team on 01902 624230 or email to find out more information or to book an appointment for one of our Business Development Managers to come and visit you.

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