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Working with Employers to develop the skills solutions industry needs

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Open College Network West Midlands is the Awarding Organisation of choice for employers in the West Midlands who are serious about developing and recognising the skills needed for a modern workforce.  With over 30 years experience in developing vocational qualifications and accredited learning across industry  sectors, Open College Network West Midlands has built up a well earned reputation for understanding the skills that industry actually needs.  This relates equally to job specific skills in the workplace, such as operating complex machinery and equipment, as well as the more general employability or so called ‘soft skills’  like teamwork, leadership, communication, initiative, problem solving and project work that can be so valuable within teams.

Proud of its not for profit charitable status Open College Network West Midlands is also able to offer outstanding value for money for the workforce accreditation services now so important to any forward-thinking employer.  Whilst many of its customers use the array of nationally recognised qualifications on offer or indeed take advantage of the new qualification development services, many employers prefer to develop bespoke, customised accreditation frameworks to underpin their workforce training.  Very often these can be short one or two day courses as well as more substantial and longer learning programmes.  Using the customised accreditation approach that has been developed Open College Network West Midlands can protect the intellectual property of the accredited skills framework being developed for any particular organisation. 

Open College Network West Midlands also offers a Quality Endorsement Scheme. This provides a highly valued ‘quality mark’ and external endorsement of an organisations internal training programmes, where the training content and assessment remains under the ownership and responsibility of the organisation.  Open College Network West Midlands will conduct an annual audit and review the development, content and assessment of learning materials being used and provide a registration and certification service that recognises all employee learning achievements.
Lee Moore is the Director for Business Development is always looking to develop new employer partnerships and says;

“Every customer is allocated a dedicated Business Development Manager and Quality Advisor to ensure we deliver a responsive and efficient service, which is one of the reasons why we work with over 400 organisations in the region to deliver outstanding personalised customer service and support.”
If your organisation delivers training for your staff or customers, contact a member of our Business Development team today for a free, no obligation diagnostic meeting to discuss your organisation’s training needs.
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