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What’s Trending August 2018

Monday, 20 August 2018


Our regular look at what’s happening in the world of education and in particular, the West Midlands.

Current News
Week ending 17 August 2018

Devolution of adult education functions: the transition year – memorandum of understanding 
The Department for Education (DfE) has published a memorandum of understanding between it and the combined authorities, for the transition period before adult education functions are devolved. The West Midlands combined authority and the DfE have agreed arrangements to work together for the transition period, they are set out in this Memorandum of understanding (MoU). It includes:
  • a set of principles
  • what the combined authorities and DfE must do
  • how the MoU will be managed to support a smooth transition
DfE publications

An overview of the interim research findings of the review of level 4 and 5 education The report states that through the next phase of the Review DfE ‘will continue to develop our evidence base’.  DfE expects to publish Level 4-5 proposals for formal consultation alongside the conclusion of the Post-18 Review in early 2019.
A literature review into good practice in level 4 and 5 qualifications. It focuses on how or why technical courses or qualifications have gained popularity and achieved good outcomes at this level. Further information can be found here.
The UK Employer Skills Survey (ESS), which is one of the largest business surveys in the world, with the data in this report based on survey responses from over 87,000 employers. 

Other publications
Toby Young called for technical schools to be able to select students by aptitude in a new report for the Centre for Policy Studies think tank.
DfE Consultations
Closed – reported in August
Between 10 April and 10 June 2018 DfE consulted on changes to the performance reporting system for college groups and multi-site colleges. This document provides a summary of the responses received and sets out the Government response and next steps.
And in case you missed it …

On 26 July, Ofqual published its response to its consultation on its external quality assurance of apprenticeship end-point assessments. This was about the rules and guidance it proposed to apply, and those that it intended to disapply.
You may want to read Terry Fennell’s (Chief executive – FDQ) article about this in FE Week.
Ofqual also on that day updated on its consultation on its regulatory approach to the new suite of Technical Qualifications. This was detailed and took into account the government’s clear policy intentions for the new Technical Qualifications as set out in their published Technical Annex and sought to align with the Institute’s central role in T Levels.
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