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Supporting CYBERUK 2021 with our Cyber Security qualifications


Presenting our Cyber Security Qualifications in support of CYBERUK 2021


The rise of the Covid-19 pandemic last year presented a shift towards more online activity, changing the way in which organisations do business and education establishments deliver courses and training.


Whilst digital innovations have helped us to find a new ‘normal’ way of operating through this difficult time, it has also brought with it a new set of risks in cyber security as we become more and more dependent on digital technology.

To support centres and employers prepare the workforce to meet this increasing threat, we are shining a light on our suite of Cyber Security qualifications for CYBERUK 2021 (11-12th May 2021), aimed at developing knowledge and practical skills to understand and manage cyber security in a business environment.


Cyber Security Qualifications: Levels 1 and 2

With qualifications at different sizes, our Cyber Security qualifications allow learners to step in and out of learning, or to simply take the size of qualification most suited to their needs.

Our Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications have been designed to provide an introduction to the basics of Cyber Security for those considering pursuing a career in this sector and include:

  • Level 1 Award in Computing and Information Security - 603/6585/7
  • Level 1 Diploma in Computing and Information Security - 603/6586/9
  • Level 1 Extended Diploma in Computing and Information Security - 603/6587/0


  • Level 2 Award in Cyber Awareness - 603/6582/1
  • Level 2 Diploma in Cyber Awareness - 603/6583/3
  • Level 2 Extended Diploma in Cyber Awareness - 603/6584/5



Cyber Security Qualifications: Level 3

These qualifications provide routes into employment or further education within the field of Cyber Security and include:

  • Level 3 Introductory Diploma in Cyber Security - 603/6569/2
  • Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Cyber Security - 603/6562/6
  • Level 3 Diploma in Cyber Security - 603/6564/X
  • Level 3 Extended Diploma in Cyber Security - 603/6567/5



Why Choose These Qualifications?

The benefits of adding these qualifications to your existing portfolio, are:

  • Learners can take up the size of qualification most suited to their needs
  • With qualifications at different sizes, it allows learners to step in and out of learning
  • These qualifications are suitable for younger learners who wish to work in the cyber security field
  • These qualifications are also suitable for older learners looking to retrain or upskill within the sector.


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Delivering these qualifications in your centre

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