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Qualifications for good mental health!

Mental Health Awareness Week:
9-15th May 2022


Qualifications for good mental health

It's Mental Health Awareness Week and this year's theme is loneliness.

Centres can use this opportunity to think about how they might support their learners' well-being to help them feel less lonely and better manage their mental health.

Our Health and Well-being qualifications are aimed at developing an understanding of lifestyle choices and other factors that relate to, and can impact on, health and well-being.

The qualifications in this suite include:

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Key aspects of these qualifications

These qualifications provide a really good mix of different units to choose from, including:

  • Beliefs & values / equality & diversity
  • Drugs & substance misuse
  • Sex & relationships
  • Understanding body image / eating disorders / stress
  • Developing assertiveness, confidence & self esteem
  • Enrichment activity
  • Interpersonal / Communication / Teamwork skills
  • Recognising & dealing with bullying
  • Understanding motivation / feelings & emotions / relationships
  • Personal identity & self esteem
  • Making decisions
  • Understanding risk.

So, if you would like to:

  • Offer your learners a qualification to enhance their well-being
  • Develop learners' knowledge of the society within which they live and work
  • Enhance and encourage the development of personal and social development
  • Enable learners to become increasingly independent and make positive and informed life choices...

...then get in touch with us and join the growing number of schools, colleges and other training providers that are taking advantage of these great character building qualifications.


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Other qualifications we offer include units that can be used to support good health and well-being are:

Please get in touch with our Business Development team to find out more about the range of units we have available to support good health and well-being.

Delivering these qualifications in your Centre


For more information regarding any of these qualifications, please get in touch by either:

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Creating a new course to add to your portfolio is a straight-forward process, your Business Development Manager will be very happy to help you, please get in touch - see contact details above.

Thinking of becoming one of our centres?

This is also a straight-forward supported process! You can find out more about us by:

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