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Prepare your Access to HE Learners with our suite of Pre-Access Qualifications

Pre-Access Qualifications


Support learners who require additional support and preparation

Some learners require additional support and preparation before they undertake their Access to HE course.

Studying at Level 3 can be challenging for adult learners, particularly if they have been out of education for some time. We have created a range of Pre-Access qualifications at Level 2 that have been designed to get your learners ready for Level 3 learning.

We have also embedded study skills into the assessment strategy for the Skills for Further Study qualifications listed below to help learners prepare for the challenges of Level 3 study, in addition to developing their subject knowledge.

Further information

For more information regarding our Skills for Further Study Pre-Access qualifications contact a member of our Access team on 01902 624 230 or email us at

Delivering these qualifications in your Centre


For more information regarding any of these qualifications, please get in touch by either:

Already one of our approved accredited centres?

Creating a new course to add to your portfolio is a straight-forward process, your Business Development Manager will be very happy to help you, please get in touch - see contact details above.

Thinking of becoming one of our centres?

This is also a straight-forward supported process! You can find out more about us by:

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