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New Qualification Offer - Ready for September 2020 Teaching

Saturday, 11 July 2020
Our Qualifications – Reviewed, Improved and Updated Ready for September 2020 Teaching
Over the last few months, we have been busy reviewing  our vocational qualification offer to ensure that:
  1. The content is up to date and relevant
  2. They are fit for their intended purpose
  3. They meet the needs of our centres and their learners
  4. They support learner progression into employment and/or further learning.
In order to do this effectively our review process involves a review of learner registration and achievement data as well as working closely with centres who offer the qualification(s) being reviewed, to gain valuable insight into how we can ensure our qualifications are valid and further improve our qualification offer.
Cutomer Feedback - Existing Qualifications
We are always keen to receive feedback about our qualifications, therefore, if there is anything you feel works well or could perhaps be improved, please use this form (insert link) to share your views with us.
Some of the changes we have made for September 2020 include: 
  • removing units that are no longer relevant or being used by centres
  • creating pathways within our popular Employability and Development Qualifications to support learner progression into a range of different vocational sectors
  • reviewing unit usage to ensure that the units we have available at each level facilitate learner progression. 
Following valuable feedback from our centres, we have retained our hugely popular, flexible rules of combination within the following qualifications:
  • Living Independently
  • Skills for Living and Work
  • Employability and Development qualifications
This enables staff to select units that best meet the needs of their learners and their aspirations for the future.
New Qualifications
In addition, we have been working with centres and other experts to develop new qualifications that are available for the first time in September.  We are pleased to be launching 'Work Ready' which is designed to give learners the knowledge and skills they need to progress into and through employment within their chosen sector. These new qualifications compliment and add an exciting addition to our existing suites of Employability qualifications.
All of the details of our new and revised qualifications can be found on our qualification pages. 
We are looking forward to working with centres implementing the new and revised qualifications when they are made available from the 1st of August.
Please get in touch with our Business Development Team for further information.
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Make an enquiry

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