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New Access to HE Diplomas launched

Five new Access to HE Diplomas are now available for Centres to deliver.


Validated from the 1st January 2021, the Diplomas are a welcome addition to our existing portfolio of Access to HE Diplomas and provide opportunities for learners to study Diplomas with a more specific subject area focus.

The new Diplomas available to learners for remote study include:

  • Health & Social Care
  • Computer Science & Mathematics
  • English
  • Psychology
  • Radiography

About each new Diploma

Access to HE Diploma (Health and Social Care)

Access to HE Diploma (Health and Social Care) is intended for learners who are seeking progression to further study or careers in social care and or health studies rather than in specific health career roles such as midwifery and nursing.

Whilst still maintaining some presence of Biology and Health Studies, this Diploma also offers the opportunity for learners to study law and social policy.

Three new units have been developed for this Diploma, with two relating to Dementia and Social Drugs.

In 2019 there were over 850,000 people with dementia which represents 1 in every 14 of the population aged 65 years and over, clearly supporting the importance of developing understanding of dementia for those who may wish to work in the community.

Likewise, with reports of just under 10% of adults aged 16 to 59 years having taken a drug in the last year, an understanding of why people use social drugs and the impact on all of society is important in developing ways to address.

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Access to HE Diploma (Radiography)

Centres with Learners wishing to pursue a career in Radiography will now be able to consider delivering the new Access to HE Diploma (Radiography), an evolvement of the current Access to HE Diploma (Science).

Learners are required to study some mandatory units from the Physics Module relevant to Radiography and will also be able to broaden their knowledge of Chemistry and Biological Science subject areas. The cross over of subjects with the Access to HE Diploma (Science) will allow learners from different Diplomas to be taught together for some units, providing a cost-effective way for a Centre to cater for the different interests of applicants.

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Access to HE Diploma (English) and Access to HE Diploma (Psychology)

The aim of allowing learners to focus on a specific subject area has influenced the development of our other new Diplomas.

The Access to HE Diploma (English) and Access to HE Diploma (Psychology) are extensions of the more generic Access to HE Diploma (Humanities) and Access to HE Diploma (Social Science) respectively.

A vast amount of literature and language units are available for selection and cater for a range of interests from poetry to drama or accents to persuasion. The Diploma will appeal to those aiming to study English related course at degree level and also those aiming to embark on courses and careers related to teaching and journalism.

Psychology is a popular degree pathway and focussed qualifications are available through A Level and BTEC programmes. This Diploma has been created by combining the Psychology units from the Social Science Diploma with those in other Diplomas, namely Education.

This Diploma will be of interest to learners wishing to specialise in Psychology, and also those that may wish to pursue a dual honours degree. Criminology and Sociology have been added as modules as these are popular combinations and complement each other.

Discover Access to HE Diploma (English) here


Discover Access to HE Diploma (Psychology) here


Access to HE Diploma (Computer Science and Mathematics)

Finally, the development of the Access to HE Diploma (Computer Science and Mathematics) reflected on the desire of some learners studying Computing to be able to combine this with Mathematics at Diploma level and beyond. Learners must study and achieve a minimum of 15 graded credits from each of the two subject areas in order for the Diploma to be awarded.

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Opportunities for learners

Access to HE Diplomas aim to provide opportunities for learners without the traditional qualifications to achieve a qualification which will allow them to pursue study in higher education.

The development of these new Diplomas increases the opportunities for learners to not only pursue this path but also one that is more specific and in meeting with their interests. Through this focus the Diplomas will in turn contribute to the widening participation in education, promote the value of lifelong learning and support individuals to release their potential.

Any Centre wishing to deliver the new Diplomas, whether a current Centre or potentially a new Centre, would need to discuss matters with the Access team and the appropriate qualification approval paperwork would then be provided.

Delivering these qualifications in your Centre


For more information regarding any of these qualifications, please get in touch by either:

Already one of our approved accredited centres?

Creating a new course to add to your portfolio is a straight-forward process, your Business Development Manager will be very happy to help you, please get in touch - see contact details above.

Thinking of becoming one of our centres?

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