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Friday, 27 April 2018

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This qualification has been developed to provide knowledge and understanding of autism and provides the learner with knowledge and skills to be able to support individuals with autism in areas such as communication and social interactions, transitions and therapeutic interventions.  On completion of this qualification, learners may progress to working with individuals with autism in a range of settings or may choose to continue their learning in Special Educational Needs or in Health and Social Care professions.
Level 4 Certificate for Higher Level Teaching Assistants is aimed at specialist support workers and teaching assistants or SENCOS in schools who need specialist knowledge to assist in the teaching and learning of pupils. This qualification has been developed with Pearl Assess and Stonebridge.
This qualification has been developed to provide specific knowledge and skills on first aid for animals. 
Learners will know how to recognise illnesses and injuries; they will be able to examine an injured animal and be aware of treatment differences. Learners will know how to treat wounds, deal with choking and poisonous substances. They will be able to treat burns and provide information to pet owners. Learners will know how to assess the welfare needs of small animals, care for them, monitor their health needs and deal with animal behaviour.
This qualification has been developed as part of our Medical Equipment Technologies suite of qualifications and provides the knowledge and skills required to work with Type N Benchtop Sterilisers in decontamination and maintenance.
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