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Latest update on Access to HE - September/October 2021


A very warm welcome to 2021-2022 to all our Centres. Whether you are continuing or commencing your delivery with Open College Network West Midlands, the Access to HE Team are ready to support you across 2021-2022.

The new year has commenced with an announcement from QAA on Friday 3rd September, relating to the award and assessment of the Access to HE Diploma for 2021-22. The documents can be accessed here for Providers and here for Students. These have also been distributed to our key Access to HE Centre Contacts. The key message follows on from last year in that teaching and assessing are to continue and that adaptations to assessments, delivery and or units can be made where necessary. With regards to adaptations, the AVA needs to know if a Centre will be continuing with any of the adaptations adopted in 2020-2021. To facilitate this, each Centre will be contacted individually with the adaptation form submitted last year to establish which if any of the adaptations will continue to be applied for 2021-2022. Additionally, any new adaptations must be approved by the AVA prior to their application. Centres will also be able to plan and seek approval for adaptations that may need to be applied if situations change later in the year.

The first Access to HE Coordinators Forum of 2021-2022 took place on 23rd September. Thank you to those who attended. Good discussions took place relating to this year’s plans for Access and there was an opportunity for Centres to share good practice relating to how they manage and address malpractice.

Last year, the Access team held regular drop-in support clinics for Centres. We will be returning to these from week commencing 4th October as an additional measure of support to our Centres. Dates and times will be published shortly.

The AVA will be moving forward with its revalidation plan for the following Diplomas:

  • Access to HE Diploma (Building, Civil Engineering and Construction)
  • Access to HE Diploma (Computer Science)
  • Access to HE Diploma (Computer Science and Mathematics)
  • Access to HE Diploma (English Studies)
  • Access to HE Diploma (Health Science)
  • Access to HE Diploma (Humanities)
  • Access to HE Diploma (Radiography)
  • Access to HE Diploma (Science)
  • Access to HE Diploma (Social Science and English Studies)
  • Access to HE Diploma (Social Science and Humanities)

The AVA welcomes feedback from Centres and Curriculum Area Managers particularly concerning the structure of the current Rules of Combination as well as the Modules and Units available to deliver. Centres have until October 1st, 2021, to provide feedback via this form, following which the AVA will be in touch with Centres to ask for participation in working groups to review the Diplomas in more detail.

October and November will see the commencement of our training calendar. On October 16th we will be welcoming our moderators to their annual training. For Centres, the sessions below are available and open for booking now. Further details can be found here.

  • October 5th 2021 – Assessment and Grading – 13.00-16.00
  • November 4th 2021 - Internal Moderation – 10.00-13.00

As the Autumn term progresses, please remember that registrations are to be made no later than six weeks (42 calendar days) after the learners’ start date, with unit selections to be made no later than eight weeks (56 calendar days) after the learners’ start date.

The Access team wish you all a very positive Autumn term.

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