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Discover flexible qualifications for your Supported and Foundation learning programmes

Flexible Qualifications for your Supported and Foundation Learning Programmes


Are you a Special Education School, Alternative Education Provider, College or Training Provider offering Supported or Foundation Learning programmes?

If so, we have a range of different qualifications within our Life and Work suite at Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2 for you to choose from including:

Living Independently

Our Living Independently qualification will enable learners to develop the relevant skills to make the transition from residential care, supported living or the care environment to independent life and potentially sustainable employment.

Learners will develop the skills required to live a fulfilling, independent life from furnishing their home to exploring hobbies and engaging with their local community. They will also explore behaviours and attitudes required to succeed in the workplace.

  • Available at Entry 1, Entry 2, and Entry 3
  • Award, Certificate and Diploma
  • A large selection of units available to create your own bespoke course. Unit groups include: Personal Development, Culture and Leisure, Employment, Food and Catering, General, Home and Tenancy, Maths and English, Out and About.

Discover more here

Employability and Development Skills

Our qualifications in Employability and Development Skills offer opportunities to a range of learners to gain knowledge and skills in a variety of subject areas.

These qualifications are stepping-stones to further study and enable the development of generic transferable skills, while the units offered will help learners to gain confidence and overcome barriers to work and further learning.

  • Available at Entry 3, Level 1, Level 2
  • Award, Certificate, Diploma
  • Centres may still choose a generic pathway, with a flexible selection of units to provide a 6-credit award, a 15-credit certificate and a 37-credit diploma.

Give your learners a recognition to reflect the specific area of learning they have chosen. For example:

  • Entry Level Award in Employability and Development Skills (Entry 3) (Motor Vehicles)
  • Level 1 Certificate in Employability and Development Skills (Carpentry and Joinery)
  • Level 2 Diploma in Employability and Development Skills (Business Skills)

Many more pathways are available, take a look at our Qualification Specs to find out more via the following link...


Discover more here

Skills for Living and Work

Our qualifications in Skills for Living and Work offer a range of benefits for learners.

Again, pathway options are available, if required. For example:

  • Entry Level Award in Skills for Living and Work (Entry 1) (Work Skills)
  • Entry Level Certificate in Skills for Living and Work (Entry 3) (Food and Drink Skills)
  • Level 2 Diploma in Skills for Living and Work (Arts and Photography Skills)

Take a look at our Qualification Specs to discover all the Pathway options via the link below.

The qualifications are designed to support learners to develop and improve their life and work skills, including returning to study, and/or gaining or returning to paid employment.

They offer transferable skills, facilitate improved life chances and enable learners to gain the appropriate study and work skills required to live and work in the community.

  • Available at Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3, Level 1, and Level 2
  • Award, Certificate and Diploma
  • A large selection of units available. Pick and mix to make your own course by choosing a generic or optional pathway.

Discover more here

Health and Well-being

Join the growing number of schools, colleges and other training providers to help shape the positive mental health of your learners by offering them our Health and Well-Being qualifications.

These character-building qualifications allow you to:

  • Offer your learners a qualification to enhance their well-being
  • Develop learners' knowledge of the society within which they live and work
  • Enhance and encourage the development of personal and social development
  • Enable learners to become increasingly independent and make positive and informed life choices.

  • Available at Level 1, Level 2
  • Award, Certificate
  • These qualifications provide a really good mix of different units to choose from, including: Beliefs & values / equality & diversity, Drugs & substance misuse, Developing assertiveness, confidence & self esteem, Interpersonal / Communication / Teamwork skills, Recognising & dealing with bullying, Understanding motivation / feelings & emotions / relationships, Making decisions, to name a few.

Discover more here

Benefits of these qualifications

The key benefits of using these qualifications include:

  • The ability to tailor your course offer with flexible Rules of Combination
  • Different qualification sizes - Awards, Certificates and Diplomas
  • Personal / Social Development and Vocational units to choose from.

Fundable Solutions

Most of our qualifications are eligible for funding.

Please see our Funding webpage and Short Qualification Offer for further details on the wide range of fundable solutions we can offer.



Delivering these qualifications in your Centre


For more information regarding any of these qualifications, please get in touch by either:

Already one of our approved accredited centres?

Creating a new course to add to your portfolio is a straight-forward process, your Business Development Manager will be very happy to help you, please get in touch - see contact details above.

Thinking of becoming one of our centres?

This is also a straight-forward supported process! You can find out more about us by:

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