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Broch's 6 month appraisal - March 2017

Friday, 28 April 2017
Initially taken on for 3 months, Broch has blossomed in his role as office dog and we have just completed his 6 month appraisal.
Key Achievements:
  • Is now fully housetrained so the puppy pads have gone
  • Is able to sit through a full one hour meeting (though does need a bone to chew on)
  • Has calmed down and does not run around the office too much
  • Has started to guard the building – specifically by sitting next to the fire exit and gazing at the great outdoors
  • Has gathered a core of health conscious workers for his afternoon walkies
Areas for Improvement:

Broch still has a tendency to herd and grip anything that moves faster than a walk. This means Lee (who is always in a rush) has to make sure the coast is clear before heading out across the main office.
Broch also needs to stop thieving as we cannot tolerate this in the office, even though it is just the rubbish out of people’s bins. He has been known to have his head in the odd handbag though so we want to nip this habit in the bud before he becomes a fully-fledged criminal.
Progress markers
By the next appraisal, Broch should have
  • Stopped nipping Lee’s ankles allowing him to rush freely around
  • Kept out Steph’s (and anybody else’s) handbag
  • Kept out of Val’s office (because she doesn’t like you)
  • Sat through a 2hr meeting without the need for a wee break.

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