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Animal Welfare and Training - upskilling solutions for your learners

Upskilling solutions for the Animal Care Industry


Animal Welfare and Training

Open College Network West Midlands are proud to be a market leader for the Animal Care sector, developing and awarding an extensive range of animal welfare and training qualifications.

These qualifications provide an opportunity for learners to develop their knowledge and understanding to be able to progress to further study or employment within the Animal Care industry.

Our range of qualifications within this sector include:

Animal Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy for small animals involves using the therapeutic benefits of exercise in water to aid with the treatment and rehabilitation of dogs and other small animals.


Canine Care and Training

These qualifications have been designed to provide learners with the knowledge and understanding to be able to work in the field of canine care and training.


Dog Grooming

These qualifications provide an understanding of what is required when grooming a dog and to encourage skills necessary when grooming dogs with different types of coat.


Feline Care and Welfare

These qualifications provide a sound knowledge of feline health, nutrition, care, behaviour and welfare.


Professional Working Dog Handling

These qualifications provide the knowledge and skills required by those who manage Working Dogs in a variety of situations such as public safety, security, drugs and explosives detection.


Veterinary Care and Nursing

These qualifications have been designed to support those working or looking to work in the fields of animal care/veterinary care support/veterinary care assistant and other welfare related roles, who want to gain recognition for their knowledge and skills.


Working with Animals

These qualifications cover a wide range of occupations for people wanting to work directly with animals, from working in a pet shop to training assistance animals such as therapy dogs.


New Qualification Developments

As a leading awarding organisation in this sector, we are constantly developing new qualifications to meet the needs of our customers.

Details of our latest new qualification for this sector - Introduction to Dog Grooming - is shown below.

If you have any new qualification requirements, please get in touch with us.

New - Level 3 Award Introduction to Dog Grooming

One of the things that sets us apart from other awarding organisations is our ability to keep up with the training requirements of the animal care sector.

Only recently, we launched a new Level 3 Award Introduction to Dog Grooming qualification made up of theoretical and practical units related to canine health and wellbeing and maintaining dogs’ coats.

This qualification has been designed for learners who wish to learn the maintenance of several types of dog breeds and understand health and safety in a dog grooming salon.

This qualification is now available for registrations. Contact your Business Development Manager for further details or follow the link below to the Qualification Specification.


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Delivering these qualifications in your Centre


For more information regarding any of these qualifications, please get in touch by either:

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Animal Care and Training

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