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Access to HE results guidance for learners

Congratulations to all learners achieving their Access to HE Diploma this year!


We are pleased to have awarded over 3000 Access to HE Diplomas to learners through our Final Award Boards (FABs) this academic year.

All results were submitted to UCAS on Monday 25 July 2022 and now begins the wait to find out if you have met your university offer!

We understand this can be an anxious time, but hopefully the information below will help to explain and provide further details on what happens next.

Good luck for the future from all at Open College Network West Midlands!

  • The results are in! – what happens next?

    Your Access to HE (Diploma) results were successfully uploaded to UCAS on the 25th July 2022.

    These are then distributed by UCAS to the individual universities for them to check that you have met your offer. Each institution may confirm at different times so don’t worry if they have not confirmed yet - continue to check your UCAS Hub account for updates. Following confirmation, the university will let you know what you need to do next.

    If your offer is reliant on other further results such as GCSE’s, Functional Skills (etc), you may need to wait until these results are released before your offer is confirmed and UCAS is updated.

  • How will I receive my certificate?

    Following the Final Awards Boards that were carried out across June and July, where your results were confirmed, the certificates were sent directly to your centre for them to distribute to you. They will use the contact details that they hold for you on their system. Please ensure that your centre has the most up-to-date contact information for you.

    If you have not yet received your certificate and you are concerned, please get in touch with your centre.

    If you have completed the full Access to HE Diploma you will receive a certificate confirming this achievement, plus a unit transcript, which lists each unit that you have achieved and identifies the grade awarded.

  • I have received my certificate and there is an error on it, what do I do?

    If once you have received your certificate, you identify an error, you will need to contact your centre. The centre will investigate the error and will have to provide evidence to us of any corrections and complete the appropriate form.

  • How do I appeal or make a complaint?

    Your centre’s complaints and appeals policies may have been provided to you at induction, in your Course Handbook or are often available on the Centres' website. If you wish to appeal or make a complaint you should follow your centre’s appeals or complaints processes and procedures in the first instance.

    If once you have completed the process, you are still unhappy with the outcome then please follow our appeals or complaints process as highlighted in the policy which you can download here.

  • Not met your offer?

    Hopefully you will have met your offer, if not, it is worth getting in touch with your chosen university as they might review their initial offer, or offer you a place on an alternative course.

    You could also enter Clearing to find an alternative course or institution. Further details regarding the Clearing process can be found on the UCAS website or your UCAS Hub account.

    Clearing is open from 5th July 2022.

  • How many UCAS points do I have?

    You can use the UCAS tariff calculator to find out how many UCAS points you have, by selecting Access to HE Diploma as the qualification and entering the number of pass, merit and distinction credits you have been awarded.

    For example:

    Distinction 30, Merit 15, Pass 0 equates to 128 tariff points. A total of 45 credits must be added for the tariff to be calculated.

    Please note that not all institutions use tariff points for the Access to HE Diploma and may instead specify the number of required credits at each grade e.g., 45 credits at merit grade.

  • I need a replacement certificate, what do I need to do?

    If you require a replacement certificate you need to complete a replacement certificate request form which can be accessed via our website here.

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