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Internal Quality Assurance

Operating effective and robust Internal Quality Assurance arrangements

All Open College Network West Midlands recognised centres are required to operate effective and robust Internal Quality Assurance arrangements. 

We do not prescribe the specific arrangements or supporting documentation to be employed, as these should be tailored to the needs and context of individual centres.

However, centres must adopt an appropriate Internal Quality Assurance model and the arrangements underpinning that model must be consistent with the 'Centre Handbook' and 'IQA - A Guide to Getting it Right' leaflet.

Open College Network West Midlands provides its centres with standard exemplar IQA tracking and recording documents, which meet our requirements, and which should be used wherever suitable.

Your Centre Quality Adviser will be able to provide guidance on Internal Quality Assurance. However, should you wish further support we offer a range of training courses for those new to Internal Quality Assurance and also to experienced practitioners.


More details about this can be found on our Training page

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