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Centre Monitoring

Monitoring Centre operation and delivery

Centre Monitoring:

A Centre Quality Adviser (CQA) is appointed to each Open College Network West Midlands Recognised Centre and will conduct centre monitoring visits.
These will normally be arranged in advance, but may on occasion be unannounced.
What is monitored within centre visits?


Centre monitoring visits focus on supporting Centres with one or more of the following:

  • Compliance with centre recognition requirements
  • Assessment practice and internal quality assurance arrangements
  • Confirmation of the award of credit or qualifications; (for some qualifications Open College Network West Midlands may appoint a specialist External Verifier  as well as a Centre Quality Adviser).

Centre Quality Advisers will normally specify the centre staff they wish to speak to and the documentation they wish to see in advance of the visit.

Centre Monitoring Reports

Following each visit centres receive a 'Centre Monitoring Report' which summarises the outcomes and may include actions to address any issues that have been identified. These will be discussed and agreed with centre staff during the visit.

The number, range and significance of any issues identified inform a series of ‘risk assessments’ in relation to key aspects of the centre’s operation and delivery. These are included in the report through a modified traffic-light system, providing centres with a convenient indication of the assessment of their relative strengths and areas for improvement.

Our focus is to work with and support our centres to ensure actions can be successfully addressed, with the aim to reduce the risk rating and to help centres make improvements.  However, we may be required to respond to an increasing risk rating with additional centre monitoring visits (additional fees payable) and in extreme cases may impose sanctions. Visit our Policies and Procedures page for the Sanctions Policy and Procedure.

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