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Quality Assurance



Recognised Centres must have effective quality management systems and processes in place to underpin the delivery of their Open College Network West Midlands provision.  To support our Centres, we offer a range of training courses relating to quality assurance processes, details of which can be found on our Training page.

Quality assurance processes will vary between centres according to what is appropriate in the particular situation. Practices that work in a large centre will not necessarily work in a small one; an employer-based provider may have different requirements from a college. 
Whatever the situation, our team of External Quality Advisors are on hand to support you to ensure your Qualiy Assurance processes are robust and fit for purpose.  We are required to monitor all our Recognised Centres to ensure:
  • The security of the award of credit through monitoring centre assessment arrangements and Internal Quality Assurance procedures, conducting the External Quality Assurance of learner portfolios, and facilitating standardisation activity;
  • that centre staffing, resources, management and administrative arrangements, policies and procedures meet Open College Network West Midlands’ centre recognition requirements;
  • that opportunities for Centres to develop or improve their current practice are identified and supported.
More information about specific aspects of Open College Network West Midlands’ quality assurance requirements can be found here:
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