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Qualification Reviews

Qualification Reviews

Open College Network West Midlands undertakes periodic reviews of all our regulated qualifications to ensure they remain up to date, and fit for purpose for our centres and learners.
As a stakeholder with the organisation, we invite you provide feedback to inform our decisions relating to the qualifications under review.


This quarter the qualifications we intend to review can be found here.

If your Centre delivers any of these qualifications or associated units we would be grateful if you could contribute to this review by completing the online survey below by Monday 31st January 2022.

Following the reviews, we will inform Centres of the outcome for each qualification which will be one of the following:


Qualification is still required and fit for purpose:

  • No changes – extend qualification
  • Minor changes – make amendments and extend qualification
  • Major changes - make amendments, withdraw and reissue qualification. 


Qualification no longer required:

  • Some units are still needed - withdraw qualification and make in-demand units available as customised provision.
  • Withdraw qualification and suggest alternatives from within existing portfolio.


Please answer the questions in the survey as fully as you can. If a particular question is not relevant please state N/A in order to move on.



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