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Becoming an RQF (Ofqual) Recognised Centre

Congratulations on making the decision to become an RQF (Ofqual) Recognised Centre!

This is a straight-forward and supported process, and our team are on hand to help you with your application.

Would you like to work with a forward thinking, responsive and flexible National Awarding Organisation that offers outstanding personalised customer service and support?

If so, apply to join us today!

We welcome any organisation that shares our passion about enabling learning and releasing the potential of people and their communities.

  • Are you new to delivering qualifications and need to work with a supportive, personal Awarding Body who is available to support you through each step of the accreditation process?
  • Perhaps you are simply looking for better value or better service compared with your existing awarding body arrangements?

Becoming a Recognised Centre could not be easier!

Simply complete the Centre Recognition Application form and the Qualification Approval Form (QAF), and return the forms via e-mail to either your Business Development Manager or

The Centre Recognition application form itself is self-explanatory, whilst the Qualification Approval form (QAF) outlines the required evidence / documents you will need to submit.

You will be sent a copy of our Centre Agreement prior to Centre Recognition approval, which will need to be signed and returned through Docusign when requested, before approval can be granted.


We can help improve things

We are a dynamic, commercially minded awarding organisation with a flexible and collaborative approach to doing business.

We want to work in genuine partnership with our Centres and we are always looking to work on a personal level to ensure local and bespoke needs can be met.

In this section you will find everything you need to know about how to join us and to start benefiting from the wide range of products and services we have to offer.

  • Apply now

    The process could not be easier; simply complete the Centre Recognition Application form and the Qualification Approval Form (QAF), and return the forms via e-mail to either your Business Development Manager or mailto:

    The Centre Recognition Application form itself is self-explanatory, whilst the Qualification Approval Form (QAF) outlines the required evidence / documents you will need to submit, including your signed Centre Recognition Agreement.

  • How we support you

    Once we have received your application, you will be allocated a dedicated Business Development Manager who will provide both initial and on-going support.

    Part of the approval process may include an initial Centre approval visit at your premises from a member of our Quality Team. If required, we will be in touch to arrange this and all our Recognised Centres are allocated an external Quality Advisor for ongoing quality assurance support.

  • Non-meeting/visit Centre Recognition approval process

    In some instances, we can offer a more streamlined approval process for established, low risk organisations that meet certain criteria. Under this process centres are not required to have an initial approval meeting/visit from us and Centre Recognition can usually be confirmed once we have received all the necessary documentation.

  • Application costs

    For details of application costs, please visit our Fees page for further details.

  • Qualification funding

    For details of qualification funding, please visit our Funding page for further details.

  • Once you are approved

    Once your application has been processed and you’re ready to start delivering our qualifications or other agreed provision, you will be provided with a unique account with 24/7 login access to a secure online registration and certification system.

    This is a sophisticated and leading industry tool to provide you with a complete learner management system, relating to our provision and the achievement of your learners. We also offer free training and ongoing support in the use of this system. Your Business Development Manager will guide you in this process and provide ongoing curriculum advice and support.

  • Centre Obligations
    • Please refer to our Centre Recognition Policy together with our Qualification Approval Policy and Process prior to completing your application. These can be found on our Policies and Procedures page.
    • It is important that when you complete your application form that you have checked our documented policies and procedures to ensure your organisation can meet our requirements and that you understand how we are required to manage our approved centres as a national, regulated Awarding Organisation.

Should you have any questions or require any assistance with your application then please do

not hesitate to get in touch with our Business Development Team on 01902 624230.



Important Notice:  For organisations wishing to deliver our Retrofit Qualifications

For Centres wishing to deliver any of our our retrofit  qualifications, we have partnered with a sector specialist, The Retrofit Academy, who have established a Centre of Excellence recognised by the Governments Trustmark scheme for the delivery of retrofit courses leading to the achievement of our retrofit qualifications. 

Centres can choose to collaborate with The Retrofit Academy, who are establishing a network across the UK to support Centres with course delivery leading to the achievement of our retrofit qualifications.

More details about The Retrofit Academy can be viewed on their website -   

Equally, Centres can choose to develop their own course.

The decision to approve or not approve any applicant Centre will be the sole responsibility of Open College Network West Midlands.

If you wish to discuss this further, please contact us at or call 01902 624230.

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