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What we do

We provide a range of products and services that offer a route into high quality learning and skills development, helping to increase learners’ employability and confidence that fits in with today’s industry needs.

Who we work with

We work in partnership with colleges, independent training providers, employers, schools, universities, voluntary and community organisations, and other stakeholders to develop regulated qualifications and customised accredited provision from a wide range of areas including (but not limited to):

  • Employability and work preparation
  • Business and Enterprise
  • Building and construction
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Health and social care
  • Childcare and Education
  • Environment and working in the outdoors
  • Cyber, digital and ICT
  • Business, language and communications
  • Lifelong learning
  • Service industries
  • Science and technology
  • Arts and humanities
  • Animal Care and Training
  • Offender learning.

Our qualifications

Our qualifications range from Entry Level to Level 6 and include vital skills for life; including independent living, as well as the skills that underpin the Governments' traineeships.

Designed with the learner in mind, we offer over 350 regulated credit based qualifications and we are constantly developing new qualifications for our partners and centres across the UK and overseas to meet the ever-changing skills needs required.


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In addition to our extensive and ever developing Ofqual qualification portfolio, we also offer:

  • Access to Higher Education Diplomas (including Online Access to HE)

    As a leading Access Validating Agency (AVA), Open College Network West Midlands is licenced by the Quality Assurance agency (QAA) to approve and certificate the Access to Higher Education Diploma.

    This is a national qualification which is accepted as a standard entry qualification by UK universities.

    We work in partnership with Access to Higher Education providers to offer and develop a wide range of Access to HE programmes for traditional classroom teaching but also fully online and blended provision in subject areas including: nursing and health, teaching, social work, IT, engineering as well as more general science, social science and humanities.


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  • Customised Accreditation

    Customised Accreditation is a bespoke offer to organisations who do not require a regulated qualification but do want to deliver training programmes to nationally recognised standards.

    We work with all types of organisations, small and large from across industry sectors, to develop a tailored Accreditation Framework to meet particular needs. Very often we accredit existing internal training programmes.


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  • Online provision

    We have partnered with leading industry specialists to develop an extensive range of e-learning online courses that a number of our approved Centres offer.

    These support flexible and affordable learning that are applicable in a wide range of sectors.


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  • Quality Endorsement Licence

    Our Quality Endorsement Licence (QEL) provides a highly valued ‘quality mark’ and external endorsement of an organisation’s own internal training and development programme, where a regulated qualification is not required.

    This is a highly flexible licence scheme that involves an annual audit and recognises the quality of the organisation’s leadership, management, development, resourcing and delivery of training and development.

    We provide a full registration and certification service as part of the Licence that recognises all learner/employee achievements.


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