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Open College Network West Midlands is a company limited by guarantee and has charitable status.

The Governance structure of Open College Network West Midlands consists of the legal Members and a Board of Trustees.

Open College Network West Midlands is a not for profit organisation.


We invest our resources in supporting our existing products and services, the development of new qualifications and the expansion of our services. We are proud to be a registered charity promoting charitable objectives.


  • Charity number: 1113382
  • Company number: 5479207

The Board of Trustees

Board members, as the trustees of Open College Network West Midlands, are legally responsible for the overall management and control of the organisation.

They are responsible for all decisions relating to expenditure, contracts, and policy matters.

Open College Network West Midlands Board of Trustees:



The RACE Equality Code 2020

We are pleased to announce, that in 2021, we signed up to the RACE Equality Code and are the first awarding organisation in England and Wales to do so.

Launched in October 2020 by Birmingham-based The Governance Forum, the RACE Equality Code 2020 is an accountability framework designed by leading governance experts to assist organisations in tackling boardroom race equality.

It provides one set of standards and an overarching accountability framework based on current laws, codes and best practice, and streamlines existing recommendations into actions for organisations across every sector.

Open College Network West Midlands submitted an application to adopt the RACE Equality Code and has reviewed our current position on how we manage equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in our organisation against the 4 main principles of the code: Reporting, Action, Composition and Education.

The process will require us to complete a checklist of provisions to determine what we are already implementing at Open College Network and how we fare against the principles of The Code.

We will also be asked to score our organisation against a benchmark exercise that will help us to identify additional actions that need to be met and whether they will form part of a wider organisational EDI strategy at board level and in the Senior Leadership Team going forward.

Discover more about The Race Equality Code 2020


Open College Network West Midlands is also signed up to the West Midlands Combined Authority's Inclusive Leadership Pledge.




Board and Committee Area

  • Access and Compliance Committee
  • Board
  • Finance and Resource Committee


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