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Ambition – Leadership Programme
Ambition is a leading youth charity, reaching half a million young people every year across the UK
For many young people, school and home is not always an easy place to be. Ambition's goal is to inspire and encourage all young people to achieve. We have been meeting the needs of young people in local communities for 90 years through our diverse network of 3,000 youth clubs and community projects.
Our programmes improve young people's educational attainment, employability and health & wellbeing by developing confidence, life skills and resilience. We drive up standards for work with young people and invest in local young people's organisations by providing expertise and funding.
Our successful leadership programme provides training for aspiring and experienced leaders at a level right for them. We support and deliver a range of courses that support young leaders and adult leaders to gain qualifications, develop confidence and develop the competitive edge they need for other areas of their lives.
This exciting programme has been running successfully for over ten years. We originally started by running four area courses and an annual national event. As the course has grown in popularity, individual member organisations have begun to run their own programmes. As a result we now offer local and national courses at Levels 1,2 & 3.
We have worked in partnership with Open College Network West Midlands to design awards that meet the needs of organisations working with young people in local communities. Their support, flexibility and approachability has enabled Ambition to better support our national network of youth organisations to deliver excellence at a local level. Dedicated staff support us on a regular basis to develop programmes, ensure quality and make administrative processes simple. Through this dedicated, quality support, we have enabled over 400 young volunteers to gain qualifications in the last year.
Leadership programmes
Level 1 is aimed at young leaders aged 14 – 16. It provides an introduction to the key elements of leadership and focuses on team development.
Level 2 is aimed at Leaders aged 16-19. It focuses on the transition of being a youth club member to a responsible leader.
“I found both the level 1 and 2 leadership courses very hands on and practical with plenty of opportunities to practice valuable leadership skills. The Level 2 course was particularly helpful, with plenty of opportunities to practice leadership skills whilst tackling outdoor challenges and often feeling out of my comfort zone!!  I was really able to focus on developing my skills and improving my ability to lead”.
The courses
The courses are offered through experiential learning and generally use outdoor activities as a vehicle for learning. Participants learn a whole range of leadership theories such as;
  • The spectrum of leadership styles
  • Positive learning environments
  • Reviewing and feedback
  • Action centred leadership
  • Team roles
  • Intervention techniques
The training is delivered in a way that suits all learning styles and uses a range of delivery techniques that engage young people, such as;
  • Practical activities such as canoeing and climbing
  • Role play and simulation
  • Group work tasks
  • Quizzes 
  • Problem solving
  • Presentations
Courses are offered as a residential or in bite sized chunks over weeks and months. For further information please visit;
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Make an enquiry

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